I don’t really feel like posting anything today, but I’m trying to be good about uploading something every Monday and Thursday. I finished my last final today, and I’m just chilling before I start packing.

I’ve been making the most bomb grilled cheese lately; How do I do it? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. Just kidding; I use butter on the bread instead of spray, and I put them both onto the pan and let the cheese get melty before I sandwich them together and put them under a saucepan top. LOW HEAT THE ENTIRE TIME. It’s crispy but not burnt, gooey but not liquid.

I watched the Rob & Chyna birth special (“A Dream Come Throughhhhh” is not what it’s called, but it should be) and doing laundry. It’s making me a little sad to know that this was just a little more than a month ago, and all the drama happened over the weekend.

Whatever, whateva.

This semester was rough, and these last few weeks were rough. I’m glad it’s done, but that also means that I’m closer to graduation, work, and death. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


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