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THE CATCH-UP: 9/18-9/25

This is a new little column I’m starting. I read a lot (a lot, a lot) and there are often some great articles and videos that I stumble upon during my week. I thought I would create a space to round them all together.

The Catch-Up

1. Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Donald Trump Is The First White President”

I love Ta-Nehisi Coates. His writing at The Atlantic is always really beautiful and thought-out and timely. The one thing I will say about this piece in particular is it’s a little dense, so I’m linking an interview Coates did with Chris Hayes here.

2. Vox, “Treating hurricanes like war zones hurts survivors”

“The Strike-Through with Carlos Maza” is one of the great explainer series that Vox does. In this one, Maza dissects the way that the media portrays natural diasters as an “us-versus-them warzone.” He also examines the negative effects of doing so, like painting looting as a much more powerful threat than it actually is, which stops people from evacuating dangerous situations.

3. Dahlia Grossman-Heinze, “Who Did the Real Housewives Vote For?” 

This should be dumb, but I read through this entire piece. Nothing is actually confirmed by the writer except for what the Housewives have already confirmed, but it’s still fascinating. We watch these extremely wealthy women live out their lives every week, and it’s a grim fact to realize their politics might not align with yours.

4. Ira Madison III, “Emmys: How to Get Away with the Bare Minimum of Diversity”

I linked this in my Sean Spicer Emmys 2017 piece because it really encapsulates what I was trying to say: that any award ceremony that still has a “first” (Lena Waithe was the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for comedy-writing) intrinsically highlights the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

5. Lauren Duca, “Sean Spicer’s Emmys 2017 Cameo Is What Normalization Looks Like”

I always love hearing Lauren Duca’s take on things, and this is no different. Her take on “normalization” highlights that the Emmys turned literal American propoganda into an actual joke, one that is not funny not only because Sean Spicer is in on it, but because it’s still going on.

6. Parker Molloy, Twitter Thread

I found Parker Molloy’s Twitter from a “People You Should Follow” button on Twitter, and I love her take on things. This is a tweet-thread she did about a news story which twisted the facts about honoring a student’s gender identity at an all-girls school into a “all-girls school throws out gender forever” story.

7. Rhonda Garelick, “The Strange Experience of Watching Melania Trump Speak” 

I’m always slightly uncomfortable when people talk about Melania Trump’s looks or fashion; I agree that she’s woefully out of touch, but while I do believe that we shouldn’t give her any pity, she just doesn’t seem like the right place to direct our ire. But Garelick’s piece highlighting the parallelism between Melania’s discomfort and the Trump administration was really interesting.

8. Antonia Opiah, “Why the Conversation About Cultural Appropriation Needs to Go Further”

loved this article! I am, obviously, not a woman or a person of color, so the way that Antonia Opiah shed new light on cultural appropriation (that it exists because of an imbalance of power) was important to me. She gives great examples and relevant stories, and it was just really, really great.

9. Celeste Ng, Seth Meyers Interview

I never heard of Celeste Ng until her book, “Little Fires Everywhere” seemed to pop up out of nowhere, but her interview on Seth Meyers was great. She grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio and talks about the bizarre (but normal to the area) traditions of Halloween.

10. Jeff Stein, “GOP senators are rushing to pass Graham-Cassidy. We asked 9 to explain what it does.” 

I no longer feel bad about incorporating pop culture into my political pieces, because one of the aforementioned GOP senators tried (and failed) to use a Thelma and Louise reference to explain the Graham-Cassidy bill. Dark, but funny, but mostly dark.

I hope you enjoyed this! I love talking about and sharing the interesting articles and videos I come across during the week. Please give me a buzz on my pager if you have anything that you think I missed!


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