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This will be short because it’s a holiday and everyone’s in a food-coma by now anyway. For me, this is technically Black Friday (after midnight) but actually Black Friday now starts at, like, 3 pm on Thursday, so Lorde knows!


I did a Friendsgiving with my flatmates and it was super cute! I was a little bit disconnected because of stressors about travel that are a little anxiety-inducing, but our Friendsgiving was actually super nice and profesh. We had a rotisserie chicken because even the idea of cooking a full turkey makes my heart hurt. We had delicious sides and good wine and good laughs (courtesy of me).

And I made everyone go around the table and say a) What they’re thankful for and b) What they’re looking forward to in the coming year. I know that the latter is definitely more of a New Year’s Eve thing, but I decided to forge ahead like the pioneer I am.

And being allergic to authenticity, I said that I was thankful for my friends, my family, and the E! Network for bringing me the Kardashians. Which is true.


But I’m also thankful for a lot more. I’m thankful for my parents who love and support me even though I’m the midnight sheep of the family (it’s a deeper shade of black). I’m thankful for my sisters because they’re as psychotic and emotionally manipulative as I am, which reaffirms my belief that I’m not a complete serial killer in the making. I’m thankful for skinny jeans. I’m thankful for my role models who—from writing to being a good human to comedy—make me strive to be better.

I’m thankful for my mental health. I discussed a lot with my boss and coworker today, and I realized how far I’ve come in the last year. Mental clarity isn’t something I take lightly, and I’m in a good enough place now to realize that I have such a good life. and it’s beautiful and painful and chaotic, but it’s immensely gratifying and satisfying. So I’m thankful for the last year, which has shown me the vigor of life.

I’m thankful for my blog, for allowing me to exorcise all my crazy, all my love, all my hurt, all my funny, and let it exist on the digital ether forever.


I’m thankful for boys with cute butts. I’m thankful for queer icons like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock and Caitlyn Jenner and Ross Mathews and countless others who inspire me to be my best every day and educate others. I’m thankful for WiFi. I’m thankful for the chance to live in London. I’m thankful for having a beautifully bonkers friend group and collegiate home-away-from-home waiting for me when I get back from London. I’m thankful for my dog, who reminds me that I’m just human garbage and he owns me.


And I’m thankful for you. Oops, no, not you. Behind you? The guy with the scruff? You’re so cute! Are you single? What’s your inheritance like? No older brothers? Nice. Only child?! Even better. Cool. I’m Danny. Let’s talk. You’re cute. Haha you’re funny. Omg stop!


Oops, got off track. And I’m thankful for you, reader. For coming back post and post and indulging in my crazy, but I don’t know/can’t decide/don’t want to know if it’s because you identify with me, you think I’m The Voice of Our Generation, or it’s one of those “Can’t look away from this trainwreck” situations where you’re afraid something really juicy is gonna happen and you don’t want to miss it.

Regardless, I’m thankful for your loyalty, your pageviews, and your (ahem) promotion of my blog, my Twitter, and my Instagram! Follow @thedanosaurus across all social media!


Thank you Oprah for giving me this life. Thank you Khloé Kardashian for creating the earth in seven days. Thank you Nick Jonas for your butt. Thank you, the Dalai Lama. I haven’t met you, but you seem chic.

Peace, love, and turkey meat!*

*But not the dark meat. Because who eats the dark meat?



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